Student is a central access of an education system. Students’ evaluation or feedback remains a flashpoint for faculty, students, administrators, and, not surprisingly, for researchers in higher education. Education aims at quality education, empowerment of youth with modern views, foresight, global competence, and development of various skills. It is very important to know, what the students feel about the educational facilities, teaching, support services, etc. in an institution. With this view, the college takes feedback from the final year students of U.G. and P.G. programmes every year. Analysis of the students’ feedback is made and the report is prepared with the analysis, findings and suggestions.

Findings: The following are the observations of students’ overall evaluation
  1. GENERAL: Infrastructure & Facilities
    • Majority of the students chose to enroll in this college due to higher educational status of the college, while rest of them chose due to their guardians’ insistence.

    • Students appreciated teaching learning recourses, departmental library, field work and project based learning in the college as more than adequate.

    • Students could get library material for the prescribed readings very easily.

    • Students found the infrastructural and other facilities (including laboratory, reading room, class room, sports, ladies room, notice board, medical services, drinking water, and lavatory) as very good.

    • Students appreciated the co-operation rendered by the office, library and laboratory Staff.

    • The co-curricular, cultural and extension activities and events were conducted frequently, and these activities were very useful to students.

    • 1. Students found the course intellectually challenging and stimulating.
      2. Students learned and understood the subject materials of the course and they considered it very valuable for them.
      3. Students were encouraged to participate in class discussions.
      4. Students were invited to share their ideas and knowledge.
      5. Students were encouraged to ask questions and were given meaningful answers.
      6. Students were encouraged to express their own ideas and/or question the teacher.
      7. Students appreciated bridge and remedial coaching.
      8. Students seemed benefitted with special lectures of outsider experts.
      9. Students’ visits to industries, laboratories, banks, outside Universities and places of historical heritage were arranged every year.

    • 1. Internal assessment was always fair; and it was always helpful for them to improve the course grade.
      2. The teachers used to discuss their assignments and provide feedback regularly on their performance.
      3. Feedback on examinations/graded materials was valuable.
      4. Methods of evaluating student work were fair and appropriate.
      5. Required readings/texts were valuable.
      6. Readings, homework, laboratories contributed to appreciation and understanding of subject.

    • 1. Teachers were dynamic and energetic in conducting the course.
      2. Teachers were courteous and friendly towards individual students; they always helped in advising students.
      3. Teachers made students feel welcome in seeking help/advice in or outside of class.
      4. Teachers had a genuine interest in individual student’s overall development.
      5. Teachers were adequately accessible to students during office hours or after class
      6. Teachers were enthusiastic about teaching the course.
      7. Teachers enhanced presentations with the use of humour.
      8. Teachers’ style of presentation held students’ interest during class.
      9. Teachers’ explanations were clear.
      10. Teachers’ materials were well prepared and carefully explained.
      11. Proposed objectives agreed with those actually taught so I knew where the course was going.
      12. Teachers gave lectures that facilitated taking notes.
      13. Teachers integrated course material very skillfully with environment, other subjects, to provide a broader perspective among students.
      14. Teachers make optimum use of modern teaching methods and that of innovative teaching aids in actual teaching.
      15. Teachers completed syllabus lagging behind (if any) by adopting necessary strategies.
      16. Teacher-students rapport was very good.
      17. Students were provided sufficient time for feedback.